Parada ng Lechon in Balayan, Philippines: A Mouth Watering Event Not to be Missed

Parada ng Lechon, Balayan Philippines: A Mouth Watering Event Not to be Missed

Ever heard about the Parada ng Lechons Festival in the Philippines? It is a parade that will not just stick onto your mind but also make will your stomach growl.  This is one parade where the mouth watering roasted pig takes center stage with and the enticing scent of the beautifully decorated cooked meat lingers in tourists nostrils. Who wouldn’t crave such meat-centric madness? These lechons (roast pig, for the uninitiated) would be displayed on the roads of Balayan, a town in Batangas Philippines. If you want to know, how it feels to be in such parade, then pack your bag and get ready for a trip to the town of Balayan and be there from the very day of the festival. The Filipinos do it every year on the 24th of June in celebration of Saint John The Baptist feast. So don’t forget to mark your calendar ahead of time.

The Origin of Lechons

Lechon has been on the tables of the native Filipinos, even way back the pre-Spanish colonial times. As for fiesta, it was inherited by Filipinos from the Spanish, in a manner not unlike the adoption of the Catholic religion that the majority of the Filipino embraced for decades. Balayan, the place where the parade of festival mouth watering lechons is held annually has a lot of Spanish style homes, another great reason to visit the place. You’re guaranteed to not just enjoy the parade, and might find yourself reminiscing how the Spanish had a huge, lasting, cultural impact on the lives of today’s Filipinos. The roasted pig, also known as lechon is one of their many traditional dishes. It tends to be the main dish during special occasions not only in this town and not only on fiestas but also on special events like birthdays and weddings.

The roasted pig is grilled on coal for hours with different spices rubbed onto its stomach from the inside, spices include bundles of lemon grass, (yes bundles which means a lot), pepper, salt and other native spices. Lechon has been a strong part of the Filipino tradition. On the festival parade, you will notice that the celebration is not just about the spiritual culture that they are proud of, what you will also see is that they are trying to create political satires, dressing the lechon like popular figures. Basically, expect more than just the craving that you will initially feel by the very time you see those very mouth watery roasted pig displayed on the road but you’ll be laughing out loud looking at them deliciously dressed with shirts, wigs, sunglasses and even wedding gowns! It would be worth the trip!

Any Possibility That The Celebration Would Be Postponed?

The answer is a solid no. Not even bad weather can put off a celebration of this importance for the locals. There was one time that the town was hit by a Category 1 storm, yet the celebration was continued with. Nothing seem to be able to hampen the mood of the locals during Parada ng Lechon. Good or bad weather, the fiesta goes on!

What To Expect During The Parade?

Expect to see crispy red skin roasted grilled whole pig, that takes the stage as the “celebrity and entertainer” of the parade. Also, expect your taste bud to relish that delicious dish for free! If you are a tourist, you should know that Filipinos are known for their hospitality, and so, don’t be surprised of them being friendly towards you. There would be throngs of crowds during the festival so be sure to bring all the basic necessities that you need. Make sure to carry along with you some bottled water as you may find it hard to move across the streets to a store just to buy water because of the clogging crowd. After reading this make sure that you mark your calendar for some of the world’s best Mouth Watering Roasted Pig during the Parada ng Lechons Festival in Balayan, Philipines.

The Philippines have a lot of fiestas to offer throughout the year in different towns. You may want to stop over on different places after your trip to Balayan’s fiesta and indulged yourself more on Philippines great occasions.

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