Beijing’s Most Exclusive Night Spots

Beijing 2012 – A Thriving Hub

2012 is the Year of the Dragon in China. Why are we featuring Beijing’s hottest nightclubs? Well, going by the strong economic activity and the financial boom in the country it seem to be quite fitting too as the dragon is the most powerful sign of the Chinese zodiac. Pick up anything in the market; electronics, clothes, cosmetics, even cars and heavy machinery, and chances are you will see “Made in China” written on it. With a growth rate of over 8%, Chinese people are seeing the effects of an economic boom, and Beijing’s nightclub scene is booming with the young and newly rich. Tourists coming in expecting to see rice paddies everywhere and man-powered rickshaws are in for an awakening. To see the full impact of this strong financial era for China, no place is better than the capital, Beijing.

The dramatic progress of both business and the economy of Beijing is overwhelming and is evident in the skyscrapers covering the skyline and the most luxurious and coveted cars like Lamborghinis and BMWs zooming around the roads. Modern shopping arcades have risen around town carrying luxury designer items. World class nightspots are being set-up everywhere. Foreign companies are heading towards Beijing opening offices and establishing businesses. With all this wealth pouring into the city, healthy entertainment has become a big demand of the people especially for places where they can wind-down after a long week at work. Here’s where Beijing’s nightclub scene gets interesting.

And Beijing has the solution!

There are literally hundreds of bars and clubs in Beijing for every age and pocket. From those catering to students with cheap beer and sandwiches to ones with aged liquor, professional DJs and multiple dance floors, the city has them all. Home to over 26 Fortune Global 500 companies; let’s have fun with the places the rich and famous hang out at on a night in Beijing.

Head Straight into the Action

There are various bar streets to party in Beijing like Wudaokou and Luoguxiang. However, two of the hottest bar streets in Beijing are Sanlitun and Hou Hai.

Sanlitun – the most sought-after location in Beijing, Sanlitun is well-known embassy area. Being much-coveted by tourists, the area has become a thriving hub for international bars and clubs. It’s hard to choose a few names from the numerous clubs occupying the area but Mix, VICS and Pavillion are three of the most popular ones – you will never see them quiet once dusk falls over the city.

Tourists looking for a more relaxed setting after the noise and drama of Sanlitun may want to visit Houhai. Lying inside the 2nd Ring Rd, the area offers visitors several attractive sights. These include must-see tourist destinations of Beihai Park, Drum Tower and Hutong (Courtyard). The place is known for its more stylistic approach towards nightclubs and bars which are most evident in Amber Bar and Blue Lotus amongst others.

The Hottest Nightclubs and Bars

The toughest thing anyone can probably ask you to do after your return from Beijing is what your favorite nightclubs were. It’s hard to choose from the long list, but here are four of my favorites for hanging out with the hot and happening.

Passion Club – One of the most exclusive and plush nightclubs in Beijing, Passion Club is ideally situated right next to the luxurious Sheraton Great wall Hotel. Extremely pricey, it’s meant mostly for people with the deep pockets. It has international DJs playing music to the mood of the patrons and has some very intense color laser shows keeping everyone on their feet.

Address: F1, The West Hall of Great Wall Hotel,
No.10, Dongsanhuan North Rd,
Chaoyang district
Tel: 86-10-659 099 99
Business hours: 8:00pm-2:00am
Average cost: RMB1500

 VICS – One of the biggest clubs in Beijing, VICS is frequented by a young and hip crowd. Credited with being one of the first Beijing clubs to throw hip hop parties, VICS is the perfect place for those who enjoy bump ‘n’ grind.

Address: Inside Workers’ Stadium north gate Beijing
Neighborhood: Dong Cheng District
Average cost: RMB300 per person

Mix Club (Gongti)  – Are you a fan of hip hop and love to dance? Head straight for Mix! With three dance floors packed every night and a Westernized look, Mix regularly plays host to internationally-famed DJs. Mix is frequented by a young and chic crowd that include both locals and foreigners.

Address: Gong Ti North Road,
Beijing 100020
Neighborhood: Chao Yang District
Hours: Daily 8p-5a
Average cost: RMB400

Bar Blu – If you want something that offers a little peace and relaxation after music, dancing and the drinks, Bar Blu is the place to go. It offers two huge rooms with separate DJs. Style of music varies and is diverse. Complete with a Western menu, a pool table and sophisticated décor, Bar Blu’s main attraction is a relaxing rooftop bar that’s perfect for a little fresh air after the dancing.

Address: San Li Tun North Bar Street,
Tongli Studio 4-5/F
Beijing 100027
Neighborhood: San Li Tun
Hours: Su to Th from 06:00 PM to 02:00 AM,
Fr to Sa from 06:00 PM to 05:00 AM

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