5 Castles in Asia for Honeymoon Travels

The memories from your honeymoon can last a lifetime after the holiday has passed, so it’s important that the right destination is selected. Traveling to far-off enchanting lands and visiting majestic castles and palaces provide the perfect backdrop to a developing companionship and blossoming love. Their beauty, rich stories and grandeur can be inspirational in creating a bit of your own history together. Here is a holiday guide to the top 5 Asian castles for your royal honeymoon perfect for wedding photography.

Neemrana Fort-Palace, India

India, a country associated with Maharajas and grand palaces, is every traveler’s dream. A honeymoon is your perfect excuse to take that trip you have been dreaming of. A 100-km travel from the Delhi airport, located on the Delhi-Jaipur highway is the Neemrana Fort-Palace. The 15th century estate of the Rajas’ was converted into a heritage resort in 1986 and boasts of a beautiful view due to its hillside location. Every room oozes with history whether you stay in the one with peacock arches or in the other with long vaulted roof. The traditional colonial architecture, surrounding magnificence, and high-end facilities of a resort make it the perfect destination for your honeymoon. Additionally, the fort is located close to the town of Kesroli, which will give you an opportunity to explore the exotic Rajasthan.  From Neemrana you can also visit other sites that include the Vinay Vilas Mahal, Bala Fort and the Siliserh Lake.

Hirosaki Castle, Japan

A park with one of the best cherry blossoms blooming around you during spring and a historical castle located in its vicinity sounds dreamy. Hirosaki castle in Japan dates back to 1611 but was burnt down by lightning only a few years after. It was rebuilt in 1810 and is now a popular site with locals and tourists alike. Japanese castles in their traditional styles were usually constructed to guard strategic sites or resources. This castle’s fortified moats may sound too stern and boring for a honeymoon getaway but they offer a unique experience when they are filled with petals. The park offers numerous picnic spots, option for renting rowing boats, a museum and a botanical garden. You may want to plan your holiday around the end of April when the major event, the Cherry Blossom Festival, takes place. You definitely don’t want to miss this holiday destination.

Summer Palace, China

What started as a garden for the royal family of China in the 18th Century eventually morphed into their residences with more than 3,000 primeval structures. Known for its superior landscaping design, the Summer Palace lies 15 kilometers from the heart of Beijing. You may stroll through the Court Area or savor the breathtaking views of the Front or Rear Hill Area (the Hill of Longevity) or simply sit hand in hand by the Lake Area (Kunming Lake). The palaces, temples and pavilions ooze of the royalty of the Qing Dynasty whereas the sceneries speak volumes of the Chinese expertise in landscaping.

Gyeongbokgung Palace, South Korea


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go for your honeymoon to a palace whose name translates into ‘Palace of Shining Happiness’? That alone gets me into a hoiday-spirit, honeymoon or no honeymoon! Situated in Northern Seoul, this 14th Century royal palace is known to be the largest palace from the era of the Joseon Dynasty. As with most historical and royal edifices, this palace has also seen much destruction but has been gradually restored over the years. For most visitors, one of the main attractions at this palace is the daily change of guards ceremony in which you would witness the guards in traditional costumes acting to the sound of drums. If museums interest you as a couple, the National Palace Museum and the National Folk Museum are located in close vicinity.

Yungbulakang Palace, Tibet

For a unique and spiritual experience on your honeymoon travels, you can visit Yungbulakang Palace in Tibet, the land of Dalai Lama. It is known to be the first palace in this land and stands atop the Zhaxi Ceri hill. It overtime has been converted into a Buddhist monastery. With many legends attached to this palace, the Buddhists regard it has holy. In the butter candlelight, you can witness the Buddhists monks in prayers surrounded by murals that tell tales of the first Tubo King. On the way to the palace, you can buy offerings for the old monks and send a prayer for your future together.

Visiting castles or palaces on your honeymoon shows your spirit to embrace unique experiences together as a couple. Best wishes for all such special beginnings and for a happy life ahead!

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